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Brian Fitch facilitates a group activity that demonstrates the power of synergy
    Brian Fitch facilitates a group activity
    that demonstrates the power of synergy.


We provide training, facilitation, consulting, and executive coaching to health care, business and industry, senior living, schools of medicine, and professional sports.


Leadership Development, Teamwork, Communication, Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence (EI), Stress and Conflict Management, Problem Solving, Negotiation, Presentation Skills


Focusing, Prioritizing, Identifying Barriers, Reaching Agreement, Action Planning; Vision, Mission, Values, Goals; Problem Solving


Interviews, Needs Assessments, Surveys, Analysis


Assessment, Self-understanding, Impact on Others, Emotional Intelligence (EI), Communication, Being a Mentor and Coach, Leading Change, Negotiation, Empowerment



Senior Living   

Judson Services, Inc. is a five-star full service senior community with three facilities, home care, hospice, independent and assisted living, and skilled nursing. Judson asked Value Unlimited to develop "personalized service" at Judson to help it become #1 in resident and staff engagement and satisfaction.

"Brian Fitch, with Value Unlimited, came to us very highly recommended and we were not disappointed. His personal style is very professional, engaging, and approachable. Brian quickly became a very valuable resource for leadership development, team building, coaching, and problem solving. The results of his three-year effort are very evident in our residents' satisfaction, the friendliness and interaction of our associates with residents, and in the associates' teamwork and communication with each other. Brian conducted ongoing training with more than 650 associates, emphasized the importance of listening with empathy and interacting constructively, established daily lineups in all departments to share information and solve problems, and facilitated our development of a culture of empowerment and shared responsibility."

– Cyndy H. Dunn
   President and CEO


The Institute for Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Iowa introduced a two-day course designed to enhance the skills of junior investigators in the areas of scientific leadership, team building, and research program management.

"The initial course attracted faculty from six colleges (Medicine, Public Health, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Liberal Arts, and Nursing). The course was facilitated by Brian Fitch, PhD, a nationally recognized expert management consultant, and the course covered the following specific topics: leadership, communication, conflict management, delegation, coaching and facilitative leadership of teams. We were truly impressed with Brian’s knowledge and expertise and would recommend him to anyone interested in scientific management and leadership skill development. Our faculty saw an immediate benefit from his two-day program. We will continue to use him as our 'master facilitator.'"

– Julie Eichenberger Gilmore, PhD
   Associate Administrator, Research Training and Career Development

School of   

The Office of Academic Career Development for the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences invited Value Unlimited to participate in the design and implementation of its course titled Course in Scientific Management and Leadership (CSML). Value Unlimited facilitated the course for six years.

"The CSML has been recognized nationally as a model learning forum for new biomedical scientists, clinical researchers, and health science educators. Brian Fitch has been the anchor of this program since its inception. The following results from one of the course implementations speaks to the quality of Brian’s performance and the modules he developed.

Average Ratings on 5.0 Scale
5-Very Valuable, 4-Somewhat Valuable, 3-Average Value, 2-Below Average,
1-Not Valuable, NA-No Answer
 5 4321NA
  "Achieving Great Performance"
      Average rating: 4.63
  "Increasing Personal and Team Productivity"
      Average rating: 4.76
  "Leadership and Communication"
      Average rating: 4.73
73%22%2%0% 0%2%
  "Delegate and Coach to Improve Productivity"
      Average rating: 4.54
  "Becoming Facilitative Leaders — 360-Degree
      Average rating: 4.76

"Furthermore, Brian has served as an executive coach for me and others within the Office of Academic Career Development. His high standards for professionalism and responsible leadership are not only evident in his instruction, but in his values and behaviors as well."

– Darlene F. Zellers, Director
   Office of Academic Career Development
   University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences


Red Roof Inns needed Inn managers to do a better job of maintaining very high company standards on the inn properties. Value Unlimited conducted a needs assessment and analysis of core competencies which indicated that current training for managers did not provide the necessary skills for nearly two thirds of the competencies required for effective job performance. Value Unlimited then provided the design for, and coordinated the development of, the new training.

"Dr. Fitch was responsible for designing our new training program and was able to show us exactly where we needed new training and what the training would be. Brian was exceptionally strong both in advising our company’s senior management and in helping the staff stay on target and finish the work on schedule. The program was a tremendous success due in large measure to Brian’s leadership."

– Patricia L. Dove, Vice President of Training

Sports Team

The president of the Miami Heat Group (National Basketball Association) wanted his entire management team to have an opportunity to improve its teamwork and productivity. Value Unlimited conducted three two-day retreats — with senior vice presidents, vice presidents and directors, and managers — to develop the leadership, teamwork, and communication skills that are needed for Outstanding Performance. Participants received feedback from 360-degree leadership surveys and each other; prepared individual leadership development plans; and, based on their MBTI results, considered how to manage stress and conflict on the job.

"We were really, really happy with Value Unlimited. They were tremendous."

– Eric Woolworth, President, NBA Miami Heat Group

Executives experience teamwork and then decide how to develop teamwork and synergy in their organizations.



Juventas Therapeutics, Inc., a private biotechnology company, was going through a prioritization of its internal development programs and where best to allocate its resources and time. There were differing perspectives within the management team and Board on the best path forward and Value Unlimited was hired to facilitate a process that ensured alignment and commitment to mission throughout the organization.

"Brian conducted thorough interviews with members of the Board of Directors and members of the management team. Based on the feedback, he led a two-day visioning session that was directed toward defining what a successful Juventas would look like 18-24 months into the future. The process resulted in open, collaborative communication through which we were able to align on the key objectives and deliverables that would provide the optimal path to success. Brian put a tremendous amount of effort into the preparation and getting to know each participant to ensure that the visioning session would lead to a positive outcome for our organization."

– Rahul Aras, Ph.D., President and CEO

School of   

Case Western Reserve University's School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology, decided to involve its faculty, postdoctoral fellows, staff, and students in rethinking the Department’s direction and goals. Value Unlimited facilitated development of a vision of Outstanding Performance for the years ahead, as well as goals and action plans. To increase the collaboration and communication that are needed to achieve the vision and goals, Value Unlimited also conducted leadership development and team building and guided the Department in implementing a mentoring program.

"Value Unlimited has played an instrumental role in helping the Department develop a common vision that involves shared leadership. His "Outstanding Performance" model for strategic planning proved to be a dynamic tool that is direct, easy to use, and applicable to a variety of situations. Most importantly, Brian Fitch is a superb facilitator who immediately earns the trust and respect of his audience."

– John H. Nilson, Ph.D., Chairperson, Department of Pharmacology

Sports Team

The NBA Cleveland Cavaliers organization is justifiably proud of the outstanding service that it provides to its customers. Because the Sales Department and Building Operations Department must collaborate seamlessly to meet and exceed the expectations of corporate customers and advertisers, the company asked Value Unlimited to help the two departments develop outstanding synergy. Value Unlimited facilitated a series of interactions to involve personnel in identifying what Outstanding Performance would be, what the barriers are, and how to remove the barriers. Value Unlimited also provided training to help all staff become empowered, proactive, and accountable in meeting the expectations that they created for Outstanding Performance.

"Value Unlimited has been an integral partner in our effort to continuously improve the service we provide to customers. Brian Fitch infused his Outstanding Performance concept into his facilitation of sessions with us, and also into the training he has done. The increase in synergy is remarkable. Value Unlimited has taken us to a new level of surpassing our customers’ expectations."

– James C. Boland, President and CEO


The Ernst & Young Management Consulting Health Care Practice needed to emerge from a large set of "silo practices" into a unified national practice that consistently provides the highest quality of services to a very large number of clients. Therefore twelve offsite retreats were conducted of ten days each, and every partner and senior manager in the practice participated in one of the retreats. Value Unlimited provided leadership development, team building, and facilitation for approximately three of the ten days in each of the retreats. Team building included technical rock climbing that served as a metaphor for the planning, training, communication, and support that are needed for teams to achieve Outstanding Performance.

"I call Brian a master facilitator because he gets people to take a risk, and they always trust him and believe they will be better off doing what he says."

– Jay C. Juliussen, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Facilitated session participants work with Dr. Brian Fitch.



Terre Haute Regional Hospital needed to be proactive about identifying new health care needs and providing the best care possible. Value Unlimited interviewed the medical staff to identify opportunities for change and improvement and reported the results to the Medical Staff, Hospital Administration, and Board of Trustees. Value Unlimited then conducted a retreat with the Administration and Board to establish the strategy for achieving Outstanding Performance.

"The Outstanding Performance concept introduced by Value Unlimited has been the driving force behind our strategic initiatives. It created an opportunity for the Board, Medical Staff, and Administration to identify specific topics to focus on and to improve patient care. Value Unlimited provided that objective viewpoint that was essential for moving ahead."

– Jerry Dooley, CEO


Allen Telecom Inc. was experiencing a serious lack of collaboration and communication between the corporate headquarters, existing business units, and newly acquired companies in the U.S. and Europe. By conducting interviews, Value Unlimited determined that cultural and organizational barriers were impeding commitment to a common vision and goals. Value Unlimited conducted a team building retreat to develop trust and communication and then facilitated the development of the vision, values, and goals for the entire organization.

"Value Unlimited was able to break down barriers, beginning in the first session with us, that we had been trying to break down for over two years. Dr. Fitch’s objective analysis and impartial coaching and facilitating obtained a level of commitment to what we were trying to accomplish that I would not have thought possible."

– Robert G. Paul, President and CEO

Sports Team    


The general manager of American Airlines Arena in Miami, in her pursuit of excellence, decided to improve productivity in a large organization that already demonstrated a high level of efficiency in booking professional basketball and entertainment events.

"There is no doubt in my mind that through Brian's coaching and insights, I have evolved into a stronger manager and leader who is ready for the difficult challenges we all face in today's increasingly complex and ever-changing world. No matter how tough the management or leadership challenges that I am facing may be, Brian always provides me with the right tools at the right time to handle them properly, and he does this with a wonderful personal style that is also very time-efficient."

– Kim Stone, General Manager, Miami Heat


Datum Inc., a high-technology engineering company, was expanding rapidly by acquiring companies across the United States. Value Unlimited coached individual presidents, and the entire leadership group, in the value and techniques of constructive communication and collaboration. Then the executives from Datum and the acquired companies came together for leadership development conducted by Value Unlimited, so that they could agree on the core values and business goals that would guide their work together.

"As is often the case after acquisitions, many of our executives lacked a common focus and commitment to what would make our new, larger company successful. Brian's coaching was highly effective in helping individual presidents make the transition from managing their previous operations to taking responsibility for the Outstanding Performance of our company as a whole. His own commitment to achieving synergy through effective collaboration provided a very useful model for us."

– Erik van der Kaay, CEO

Health Care    

Value Unlimited carried out a variety of assignments over an 18-month period as McGregor made the transition to a new management team and a skilled nursing facility.

"Dr. Brian Fitch performed important work for us during a transformative time in our recent history. We terminated a Chief Operating Officer who had served in her position for more than 20 years and during the tumult that followed, many of the terminated COO’s direct reports left the organization, as well. We therefore had to recruit an almost entirely new team around a new COO. Into this situation we retained Dr. Fitch to assist us with teambuilding, conflict resolution, executive coaching and anger management.

"Dr. Fitch used personality tests and face-to-face meetings to acquaint himself personally with our entire management group comprising approximately 40 individuals. The results of the personality tests served as the basis for a teambuilding program that exposed organizational weaknesses where needed cooperation between two or more individuals in key positions failed. Dr. Fitch targeted these relationships in his coaching.

"An example of the coaching involved our director of environmental services and his counterpart in buildings and grounds, two individuals whose jobs required close cooperation. Their dislike for each other—entirely predictable from their respective personality test results—had become counterproductive. The fact that one is African American and the other Caucasian made the situation potentially virulent for the entire organization. Dr. Fitch worked with the two of them together to resolve their differences, and they are among our highest performers to this day.

"In every situation in which Dr. Fitch engaged our officers and employees, he won their confidence with his consoling and positive manner. He is an excellent communicator both one-on-one and in groups. But he gently demands constructive candor at all times. This defines the tremendous value that he dependably provides."

– R. Robertson Hilton, President and CEO
   The A.M. McGregor Home

Dr. Brian Fitch serves as executive coach for the Cleveland Clinic's Sampson International Academy. Fellows of the Academy include healthcare executives from around the world. Dr. Fitch's specific duties include helping Fellows identify their leadership vision, prepare personal leadership development plans, develop emotional intelligence, realign their organizations to be more effective, and create coalitions to achieve short- and long-term objectives. Dr. Fitch also serves as executive coach for the Clinic's internal Leading in Health Care program.

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